Thursday, February 09, 2006



There has been little silverware to write about these days: my days of being wined and dined seem to be over. I even had to cook-- two nights in a row!-- last week for the person who was previously charged with feeding me. Sigh.

I also cannot write about lunchtime silverware, since I work in the middle of, let me rephrase...the margins of nowhere. The Olmsted Center cafeteria does not even have plasticware most of the time. I bought some plastic spoons at a dollar store, but, as bored as I am, they're not really worth writing about.

If I got manicures, I could write about my hands. But I don't, and, quite honestly, my hands aren't all that thrilling. I have a few papercuts.

Georg Jensen beat out Tiffany silver though earlier this week in the cake cutting department. Score one for modernism.

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